Wisdom from Luke #2

#2 Personality – first, boobs – later!

That’s a tricky wisdom, my friend. Of course you have to read it backwards “Boobs- first, personality – ah, can’t hear you, what did you say?” 

How to make it happen more quickly? Yes, time is a money and most of us would like to jump to the boob-action at once. We are smart enough to check her personality in-between-the-process, right?

First of all if she looks like this…- it is probably a really BAD decision. But I know what your mind are telling you when you see my girl – “Get the f@ck over here!”


Step 1: Show her you are falling for her amazing mind, personality, soul and compassionate heart. Never argue and do not ask stupid questions like “What do you want for a Valentine, darling?” She don’t know. But she can go mad if she don’t get that thing, called “I don’t know” and at the end it’s going to be only your fault because you fkn asked!

Just do it my way: get her a t-shirt. White. Encourage her to wear it. Tell her that over 68 millions of women starving without sex every year, and you’ve bought it to show the awareness. So when she’ll wear that t-shirt she’ll remember to appreciate what she’ve got. You can always attach to a t-shirt a list of the acrobatic movements you’d like to try during this year. 


Step 2. You know you are lying. She knows you are lying. But, bro…do not stop. Continue!

You: “Hi, Darlene..”
She: “Who is Darlene?”

You: “Excatly…bye, bitch!”

Step 3. Believe! If it doesn’t work the first time – try again! God works in a mysterious ways, bro. My advice to get her a new version of the Bible (on the first date): “Let a man learn quietly about your personality. Show him your boobs to exercise your authority over a man and remain quiet if he like what he sees. Submissiveness is the way to make your man a happy one. A happy man is a pocket full of wonders.” 1 Timothy 2:11-12

P.S. If she doesnt want a pocket full of wonders…man, move on! there’re 68 millions of starving chicks waiting you out there!

 So don’t forget: Check her boobs first, and personality will follow!

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How to become a fashion designer in 1 day?

Right now the hottest profession on the market is a fashion designer so I’ve decided to share my awesome and smart ideas with you, folks (for free, next time I’ll charge you!)

There’re only 3 secrets! Easy-peasy. Let’s start:

1. Diploma

There is no formal education or certification required to become a successful designer, but if you have a paper to show – it is always a ‘big plus’ to your resume! How to get diploma fast and where to study?

Ok, so if you are a female like on the picture below – send me an email and I’ll draw you the diploma (only after the private session where you’ll show me your skills in the bedroom).

The better your skills – the more colourful your diploma! 


Exemple of the diploma right here:

If you are a male… what the f@ck you are doin’ here? Stealing my girls? Haha

2. The Project/s

By the ‘Project‘ I mean the portfolio – show me what you can do when you are alone in the bedroom with a sweet blonde-and-bella-candy.

Why is it important? Because a designer should know a female body well! How you will create a perfect bikini if you don’t know how ‘to touch’ the curves with your PEN.

If you dont want to be a bikini designer it’s your loss, buddy. Do you think to design empty houses is more fun then to dress up cute naked girls?

Learn everything you can about a female body.
How?? HOW?
Through practice.
Invite her to your bedroom, be tough.
Forget about 0,12 seconds you’ve lasted yesterday while looking at the windows of your 80-yo neighbour-next-door.

Wanna be a successful businessman like me? 3 hours of job required. For 1 project. At least in the beginning.
Do not cry! Just go out and do it!!

3. Knowledge.

To become a fashion designer, you will need to have a combination of ‘soft-hard’ touching skills, a knowledge of the model industry, and unparalleled – to be a macho of your own town (yes, town…you’ve heard right).
Develop your skills! Understand how woman move, breathe, react, scream…

Important: Get excellent with your hands! Don’t know where to start or haven’t learned the “slow-but-energizing-pen” attack yet – get a  tutor 😉

Being able to investigate different bodies  in a very challenging situations will put you in the best position throughout your career, but you need to work for it, NOW!
It doesn’t come easily to many people. Prove, you are one of them. 

Step 1.
Pick a blonde on the street.

Step 2.
Show her the project (the bigger – the better)
Step 3.
(do not ask what they need ->>
show them the strong side of your Pen aka Ego)

Step 4
Repeat 3, until you’ll get the most excellent references.
Word of mouth, my friend!..
Thats how it works in a fashion industry!
(OPS!you’ll use your references for your future challenges)

Be prepared to devote HOURS of time to perfect your skills. A little bit everyday will make you gain a deep understanding of the work of designer on the long run, if you are planning a career in that field.

Trying to do all steps at once might get you discouraged. But do not give up! If you need more advices – show your videos, photos to me, and I’ll tell you where it went wrong.

Decide which designing field is your principal interest. You may need to start at the bottom…

Wish you luck!
Luke Copyright

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Wisdom from Luke #1

The secret of life is to fall on the right kind of the bed with a right kind of a woman. #LukeCopyright 


“How does she look like, the right kind of the woman?” – you’ll ask me with a puzzled frown. Here is the drawing…aha! I see the disappointment in your eyes. Ok, let’s be serious for a second! 

(Image Vadim Rusu)

Quality 1. She makes you feel a “Super Man” (ON/OUT of the bed)

You don’t have to be “ON” all the time – the right kind of woman will scream anyway! “Screaming women” is like a lullaby to us. While she is screaming you’re able to just be yourself: take a nap or a shower, check the news, like #WisdomFromLuke posts, drink half of the bottle of whiskey/no ice added, go to a party…
You feel comfortable, that’s the point. She’s seen the good, the bad, the hungover, the lovers, she probably even screamed with them (in unison) … but she still loves you.


Quality 2. She is a good listener.

The right kind of woman should listen to you, and I mean REALLY listen! She should pay attention to what you are saying and take notes in her old puffy notebook. A woman who truly wanna be happy will care about what you have to tell, buddy. Yes, even if you are kissing the toilet in a slow motion – still there’re some truly important messages might be declared or written down.


Quality 3. She fits into your life.

Doesn’t matter WHERE you’ll place her in your house – she just fits there!

Quality 4. The Bed.

If she appreciates you -> she’ll buy you a new one. If she is the right kind of ‘chick’ – she’ll be willing to do anything. Thats how the right women ARE.


Quality 5. Now…the look.

The most important quality! No look -> no conversation -> no bed -> no balanced life…do I have to continue?

Here’s the example. DO NOT settle for less!


Puzzled for daily prompt 

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The National Day Of Luke Copyright’s Blog – 1 February

1 of February – the day you will remember, because from now on it will be, pam-para-raaaam… The National Day Of Luke Copyright.
After a year of the fighting with a female demons I’ve finally got my own space to satisfy any fantasy or needs of my mind and body.

If you don’t know a shit about me – go to RayNotBradbury Blog and check how I was created and my previous adventures ( category “lukecopyright”). At the end of this, mostly informational, post I’ll attach 2 first stories about me. 

This blog is very simple to navigate. The Room is a Home page, where you’ll find all my posts.
The “About Luke Copyright” page is for those who are doubting me, my positive power, my ideology and my light!
The “CSSA” is a page created for the plays. Yes, Luke Copyright will personally re-read and edit each of them. Yes he’s expecting the plays about love. Or erotic. Or war. On the bed.
The page “Wisdom from Luke” are Lukes own beliefs, plans, quotes, affirmations and I’m planning to post 1 Wisdom-post a week.

I’m creating a tag as well – #lukecopyright

There will be 3 main categories on the page:

About the header and the tag-line. Because there’s NO person on this Earth more shiny and more positive than me – I’ve chosen to introduce myself by telling the truth straight to your face, fellas! Every theory of love, from Plato down teaches that each individual loves in the other sex what he lacks in himself. My new theory is – I love myself in each of you!
Or maybe I’m going to cut off “each of you” and leave the most beautiful part “I love MYSELF!” 

I’ll post min 3 – max 4 times a week: 
1. a usual Luke post
2. Wisdom from Luke (from 111 to 555 words)
3. CSSA plays
4. A drawing from Lukes life (sometimes)

Oh, and of course…follow my blog. And tell your friends to follow as well! Here’s my recent photo! Love me and I’ll love you right back! 

The posts to check: Number One and Number Two

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