About Luke Copyright

Hero: Luke Copyright
Genre: Adult Humor Fiction
Created: 20.01.2017 by the blog RayNotBradbury and moved to a new page 01.02.2018 
Age: Immortal
Sex: Any time
Occupation: A Guru
Religion: Luka/nism
The idea of perfect happiness: Total freedom
Current marital status: Caught in the middle of bj
Favourite word: Wkjfregnb naeebvdefbjcbh gcxj twrtqdcsweie
The most important lesson: There is only one perfect view – from the bed
Best quality: 1. Devoted to the nose; 2. Dangerously beautiful
Worst quality: Dishonest, selfish, mean, self-entered, bully, close-minded, arrogant, rude, greedy, cruel, unreliable. Add any. 
Insurance: Nose and willy
Hobbies: Collecting Girls

The Room of Luke is a Home page. There you’ll read all the posts. 

This blog is active 3-or-4 times a week:
1. Luke Copyright post (any theme). You are welcome to leave suggestions for the blog posts.
2. Wisdom from Luke
3. CSSA plays 
4. Drawing from Luke 

Let your heart shine! Learn and laugh together with Luke!


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