About Luke Copyright

Hero: Luke Copyright
Genre: Adult Humor Fiction
Created: 20.01.2017 by the blog RayNotBradbury and moved to a new page 01.02.2018 
Age: Immortal
Sex: Any time
Occupation: Writer and Guru 
Religion: Luke/nism
The idea of perfect happiness: Total freedom
The most important lesson: dreams do come true…as well as the nightmares
Best qualities: 1. Devoted to his nose 2. Dangerously beautiful
Worst quality: Dishonest, selfish, mean, self-entered, bully, close-minded, arrogant, rude, greedy, cruel, unreliable, lazy. 
Hobbies: Collector of stories

The Room is a Home page.
There you can find and read all the posts. 

This blog is active 1-2 times a week:

1. So Absurd It Must Be True – 18+ stories
2. Drawings/illustrations from Luke 


Let your heart shine!
Learn and laugh together with Luke!


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