The 50 phobias of August Gray (18+)

This short CSSA is written for  FEAR the FEAR Writing Challenge. I’m using the title ‘The 50 shades of Grey’ (note: I haven’t seen the movie and never read the book) and different kinds of fears.
Also I have used the word ‘Modesty’ for #coolprompts
For Ragtag Prompt – the word ‘Trace’
For Fandango’s One Word Prompt – ‘Curtail’


Mr August Gray aka SpillOutMyGuts – famous paparazzi
Ms RidingYourFace – new secretary
Mr ViolentVibration – co-worker and photographer
Mrs CuttingOffTheOxygen – the mom of paparazzi

Scene 1.

So many factors can curtail a career. Ms RidingYourFace knew that very well. But her brain injury and international ambitions pushed her towards a new roads – to become a full-time secretary for the most famous paparazzi in the world, Mr August Gray (known also as Mr SpillOutMyGuts). 

Ms RidingYourFace learned her skills by studying the pictures out of the old gossip magazines. She was ready.

The office.  

Mr Gray (looking at the table full of photos): …mmm, strip away the metaphors, dear. That’s what I’m telling! Add the photo of her butt and the one at the party, where she looks completely wasted.
Mr ViolentVibration: Will do. But it was taken 15 years ago, August.
Mr Gray: Order is order. My mom always says that, and moms are always right. (after the pause) If you want I can call her for the double check.
Mr ViolentVibration: (scared) No. Let’s do as you said.
Mr Gray: C’mon, I’m just kidding, haha. Let’s go to the bathroom – for the inspiration (he winked). You know well I have this freaky autophobia, can’t be alone there. (on the way to the toilet) Don’t forget to grab the bottle of wine and glasses!

Scene 2. 

The Office. Near the elevator.

Mr Gray: Emily? What’s up?
Ms RidingYourFace: No. My name is Jane.
Mr Gray: Hello Jane! Nice to see you. So fresh and smokin’ hot.
Mr ViolentVibration: She is our new employee. The first day at work.
Ms RidingYourFace: I’d like to say how much I appreciate this opportunity, Mr Gray 

The word made Mr Gray jump …and then – fall

Mr ViolentVibration: (screaming in schock and anger) Call the ambulance! And his mom! 

Meanwhile, Mr Gray aka SpillOutMyGuts have tried to fix the better position for his right hand, while crawling on the floor of the office. He had atelophobia – fear of imperfection.

Scene 3.


Mr ViolentVibration: I have no time for your bullshit. You almost killed him. I gave you the list with all 50 phobias yesterday. 
Ms RidingYourFace: I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read it. How is it even possible? He is a paparazzi after all!!
Mr ViolentVibration: Last warning ⚠️  (he pulled out a large, wooden-hard, on the way to become antique ‘Toy’ straight from his jeans).
Ms RidingYourFace: This looks a little bit smaller than on the picture you sent me yesterday.
Mr ViolentVibration: It wasn’t mine. The Boss sent it.
Ms RidingYourFace: THE Boss? Mr Graa..August? I thought he has – ithyphallophobia– the fear of seeing, thinking or having an erect penis.
Mr ViolentVibration: Yes, he does, but he said your butt needed to be trained so you could use it properly…on the battle-field. So – we took the picture.
Ms RidingYourFace: (checking the list of 50 phobias) What about hedonophobia or fear of feeling pleasure?
Mr ViolentVibration: (angry) He wasn’t pleased enough to feel the fear. No more questions!

Her eyes lit up and she positively beamed: ‘What’s next?’ Mr ViolentVibration extended his tongue and almost immediately, muffled groans began to emanate from between slim, tanned thighs of Ms RidingYourFace.
Mr ViolentVibration
had placed the bulb of his powerful Toy at the base of her end…and they both giggled. 

Mr August Gray (while watching the action on the laptop-screen): Keep giggle, guys, keep giggle. 

Scene 4.

The Office. Cafeteria.

Mrs CuttingOffTheOxygen: Well, dear, I think we are drifting off the subject.
Mr ViolentVibration: (looking at her grey shoes) My limit is only 6 hours, you know that.
Mrs CuttingOffTheOxygen: The trick is in placing your ViolentHitachi right at the bottom. We need the bottom-pictures. We are suffering from lack of it! We are loosing our money! Your money!
Mr ViolentVibration: (almost crying) I kept My Power directly on her ‘sweet spot’ and then began to roll it in a circular motions.
Mrs CuttingOffTheOxygen: It was intensely erotic to watch you suffering like that, my dear. But you are the employee. You have to do as you told, otherwise (she slapped his jeans for several long seconds, until poor Mr ViolentVibration collapsed by her side)…

‘Next time concentrate on the mission!’ – were her last words. 

Scene 5.

Big Screen. All the employees of the office watching the amazing shots of the famous actor Mr DreamBig banging even more famous actress Mrs BigBingo.

Mr ViolentVibration: God, that was the most HAWT thing that I’ve ever witnessed. It reminds me that modesty is all gone. Poor fashion-world! This is definitely going to be something that they will do a lot more often, in the future (he winked to Ms RidingYourFace).
Ms RidingYourFace: (with the smile) Ahhh, boys. Always wrong. Look at his hollow, 0,01-inch GRAY silicone-made, caged Toy…
Mr ViolentVibration: (running his fingers along his violet jeans, in despair…) Or maybe he just kill her next time. 

Mr August jumps and then – falls. On the floor. 

Mr ViolentVibration: (screaming) Call the ambulance! And his mom!

The End

Next post/next week – ‘According to Luke Copyright’

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