Wisdom from Luke #11

Remember my previous post How to overcome sadness?

There’s a better way – find a therapist! But only a sexy one!
Sexy is from the word ‘sex’, not from the word ‘hot, pretty, beauty’.

The real hotness never takes the day OFF!

You can always shut your eyes and pretend that you are blindfolded. At least in the beginning…Yes, it can be painful. And it will be expensive. Very expensive. But if you are seeking for ‘Melinda of your Dreams’ – that’s the right place to start. Practice is the KEY!


Do NOT sex your sexy therapist TOO often and TOO much. Otherwise she’ll get used to it and it’s going to be more difficult to wave the ‘good-byes’ when the time will come – to move on – to use your perfect TOOL on the more elastic-stretchy-spring-alike-burning-hot-chick-en.


TOO healthy to ask for therapist? Desire can be a very powerful motivating tool, my dear friend…


Cheers! Luke Copyright/


Next post – CSSA play 

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