It was my last hour, in my own bed…or How To Overcome Sadness?

I just love this title. You?
It sounds really sad, don’t you think?

I decided to introduce you to SAD Luke Copyright today:


Where’s my bed??

Here’s the Lesson about Sadness:

Sadness is one of the “6 basic emotions” described by Paul Ekman, along with happiness, anger, surprise, fear and disgust. Luke agrees. But he would like to add: 

‘Sadness’ is also a moment when you are loosing connection with ‘whatever you’ve got in your pants’.

Take Away: No connection with your ‘doodle’ = No sex = No happy you

There are only 3 reasons for sadness

No matter how happy we are in our day to day lives, we’ll still have those days when we feel sad. If you are very happy today, go check ‘over-joyful’ post from Becky and buy her some coffee – Timeless Wisdom – #happiness

Reason #1 – Psychological

Example: you woke up and can’t find Melinda (or was it Linda?) in your bedroom. It’s just fkn empty! You are starting to feel sad, because you are usually getting a perfect wood-stand in the mornings. Of course, your sad reflection in the mirror, while you are jerkin’ off in the shower, is the reaction to emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual LOSS!


Reason #2 – External

Example: You are rushing home, to those awesome soft boobs of Melinda, but instead you are bumping into the bones of very sad Mrs TooDryToEnter. When you meet a person who is already sad, you probably respond with a sad facial expression and your dream or desire to jump on Melinda’s boobs is slowly vanishing…


Reason #3 – Personal 

Some people are more susceptible to sadness than others are. And you are THAT ONE!
I don’t know, buddy… maybe an extra bj will help?
In any case you can order Luke’s personal help, but remember: you should be a female and not older than 25 (preferebly blonde and Victoria Secret’s Model, or at least trying to get THERE).


Next and the most important -> How to overcome sadness?

‘Spicy up your nights’

There’s a reason so many people enjoy ‘spicy’: food, parties, girls, bodies… Spicy up until it BURNS! That will send a very strong push-signal to your brain and your d@@k will release some happy endorphins. Who knows, maybe straight on the mouth of the pretty chick… but you can choose any place you like.


‘Music – Laugh – Exercise’

All three together and on the bed only!
In the company of the hot blonde beauties (preferably!)

One of the best ways to boost your mood from sad to happy in just a few minutes is – naked, laughing/or dancing Melinda (preferably on the HARDest part of your body).


There’s nothing better than that!

What? You are sad, because you doesn’t have any Melinda yet?
Dude, for the personal ‘coaching’ in this area – follow Luke and study all his posts with a pen in your hands…thats the only way!

Ha – ha!

Next post – Wisdom From Luke

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