What NOT to do when you have a Big Ego? #maleversion

  • Do Not Panic! You can control your BIG Ego (especially in the bed with a hot model) with the careful inspection and by using a proper push-in-pull-out methods.
  • Try NOT to kill your BIG Ego by inspecting female ‘pesticides’. Using unknown ‘pesticides’ to satisfy the Ego can make you very sick.


  • Do not use the girls that appear to be “I am home-made” or “I am custom orientated”! Home-made girls could be dangerous for your BIG Ego = they might make the size of the Ego look less as it is.


  • Do not apply too many hot chicks directly to your BIG Ego. This could make you too busy and exhausted.


  • Do not store the cameras above the bed. Storing stuff right above the bed gives the girl too many reasons to hide or to perform poorly…Also this makes more difficult to change the old chick to a new one, when your BIG Ego is done with her.


  • Do not move your BIG Ego from one girl to another TOO often. Moving your Ego may spread the bed bugs. Or something worse…


  • Do not wrap the body of the girl you have used to satisfy your Ego in the black plastic bag and never ever place them on the sun.

What to do when you have a Big Ego?

  • Make sure your Ego is BIG enough… 


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