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Wisdom from Luke #11

Remember my previous post How to overcome sadness? There’s a better way – find a therapist! But only a sexy one! Sexy is from the word ‘sex’, not from the word ‘hot, pretty, beauty’. The real hotness never takes the day OFF!

 You can always shut your eyes and pretend that you are blindfolded. At least […]

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It was my last hour, in my own bed…or How To Overcome Sadness?

I just love this title. You? It sounds really sad, don’t you think? 
I decided to introduce you to SAD Luke Copyright today: Here’s the Lesson about Sadness: Sadness is one of the “6 basic emotions” described by Paul Ekman, along with happiness, anger, surprise, fear and disgust. Luke agrees. But he would like to add:  […]

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Wisdom from Luke #10

Are you ready for the truth… Next Post – It was my last hour, in my own bed…

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What NOT to do when you have a Big Ego? #maleversion

Do Not Panic! You can control your BIG Ego (especially in the bed with a hot model) with the careful inspection and by using a proper push-in-pull-out methods. Try NOT to kill your BIG Ego by inspecting female ‘pesticides’. Using unknown ‘pesticides’ to satisfy the Ego can make you very sick. Do not use the girls […]

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