How to make your Detox fun! (18+)

Let’s start with the question – what is ‘detox’ and why do you need it?
Oh…I see now.


Detox is kind of vacation for your body and mind. I’m a firm believer that detox should be a fun experience and that is all about giving yourself what is best for you. And the best for you is…

Bikinis 👙 


I’m going to share with you Luke’s Golden Detox Plan. Feel free to use it. And be prepared to look totally refreshed after 24-hours Detox!

1. Focus 

Focus on what do you want to get out of the detox. Is it about having more energy, changing your relationship with the last girlfriend or boosting your sex life? 


2. Journal your goals

I’d even advice you to create a vision-photo-board to get really clear on what do you like and what do you want to achive! Having all those photos right in front of your eyes is a very strong motivator, guys, and it will keep you on a Detox-track!


3. Invite friends to challenge you

So if he said ‘one’ – then you’ll say ‘I can ten’.
It is very important that you don’t feel like you’re doing all that alone… A friend or two, to share all the successes with, will make your ‘Detox’-day a more enjoyable experience!

4. Sex-hydration

It is the key!!! Keeping yourself properly hydrated with a bunch of beauties in a hot bikini-suits or without them! – will help flush out allll the fukin’ toxins away!


 About author: Luke Copyright is an award-winning Spiritual Mentor and Life Purpose Guru. He empowers and supports all the guys in the world, who want to Live their Highest Purpose Life (because they worth it!).

Result of Luke’s 24-Detox: 


Images – from Tumblr
Next post – Wisdom From Luke 

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