Pastor Luke

What had happen with me? Ahhh, a lot. All those half-naked, running around Victoria Secrets models, fighting for the place on my bed…it is really exhausting, believe me, dudes!

So after one more BigBed-Daily-Marathon I said:


It is too many of you, we have to organise ourselves! Some of the girls shouted: ‘non-profit organisation of VS-models?’…and that was her last day as a working VS-model in Luke’s bedroom.

‘Non-profit’ doesn’t suits me, simply, because even the price of my napkin is higher than the cost of your house, sigh.

Here is my Idea.
I’ve decided to open the Church.

Meet pastor Luke:


Meet the members of the church (the tightest circle): 


Because, in my thinking, if Melinda (or Linda) will serve you or sing with you (unison)…you definitely will come to the service, right?
They’ll draw the money to my lil VS-community. And into my empty pockets. I just love my girlsssss!


Bye for now! More info laters.
Your Pastor L-Copyright.

Next post – Wisdom From Luke

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