The causes of fever (18+)

Do not forget to smile!


Doctor – Mr GiveMeABreak
Concierge – Mr FullyErected
Gardener – Mr SwollenEnough

Wife – Mrs AggressiveMouth
Step-son – Joe GrabIt
Husband – Mr Begging4Tomorrow
Young model – Ms DeepExplorer 

Monday. 11am 

The Office of the Doctor. 

Mrs AgressiveMouth: It’s all the fever, Doctor. Some mild diseases produce very high fevers – and severe illnesses can produce mild fever. Therefore, I am very sick!

Dr GiveMeABreak: But, my dearest, your husband is complaining that each time you are seeing him you are moaning loudly and begging to be…let me find the appropriative word. Hm, ‘filled’?

Mrs. AggressiveMouth: Because I’m starving (she lifted doctors shirt, unzipped the trouser and turned enough to engulf his treasure…)

Dr. GiveMeABreak: Did I say it was necessary? But it feels very juicy, Mrs Agggrrrrrrrr


Mr FullyErected was prepared. He knew all about Mrs AggresiveMouth, what she likes or dislikes, because he had installed the camera inside of the main office. He also sold all ‘film-sessions’ to the local gardener and even to the husband, Mr Begging4Tomorrow. 

Mrs AgressiveMouth (in the dark small concierge-room): So? 

Mr FullyErected: It is there. (paused) Between.

Mrs AggressiveMouth: But I can NOT find anything. Maybe we should do that outdoors. Too dark here.

Mr FullyErected: Girl, you are probably completely exhausted after the visit to the doctor. Look, I’m holding it. 

Mrs AggressiveMouth (staring at his hand): Maybe we should take a walk first?

Mr FullyErected: I can’t walk with a cum-loaded gun and the room is only 2 meters long. He need a deep, very deep cleaning, please (looks sad)

Mrs AggressiveMouth (investigating the area): I need a breath of the fresh air, can I open the window?

Mr FullyErected: That’s a great idea! Dreaming to get pounded by a Big Star while a dozen more folks looking at you..?

Mrs AggressiveMouth: I’m really worried about your mental health, Harold (on the way out)


The garden. Two in the bushes.

Mr SwollenEnough: Shit, your mum is on the way out, Joe. 

Joe GrabIt: He’ve promised to keep her busy an hour or so. A fuckin’ lair! If she’ll find out that my step-dad is trying to leave to Hawaii with Ms DeepExplorer ..I can’t even imagine what she’d do to my dad (looks worried)

Mr SwollenEnough: (chuckling) Only nice things…

Joe GrabIt: You gonna help us. You owe us the money, dude. A lot! (he grabbed the biggest part of ‘Enough-ness’) Try to keep her busy or next time… (he looked down at the swollen parts of Mr Gardener)


In the garden, near the gate. 

Mr SwollenEnough: (without trousers, but with the scissors) Madame, I’d like to get the advice about my wild flower.  

Mrs AggressiveMouth: (carefully) Its kinda blooming. Oh sweetheart, I’d like to help, but my my mouth are totally exhausted today and it is only 1pm (she takes 2 steps closer to the gardener) mmmm, what are you doing here outside? (flirting) You should become a doctor, haha.  

Mr SwollenEnough: Once upon a time I was a doctor, but if you’d like to hear the rest of the story you have to follow me downstairs. 

Mrs AggressiveMouth: Only to check that 10-inches flower. 

Mr SwollenEnough: It is 11. And it is a special sort, called ‘mallet’, hits like a hammer.

Mrs AggresiveMouth: I doubt that.


The gardeners bunker. 

Mr SwollenEnough: (collecting his cum in the sink) Just want to add it to my cum-collection. 

Mrs AggressiveMouth (annoyed): Ok. I have to rush, my husband is probably hungry. And alone. 

3am, Hawaii

Sunny Beach.

Mr Begging4Tomorrow: (over-excited, talking) …and then I told him that the only obstacle to the perception of this reality is man’s own mind with its confused and distorted perceptions. It is called no-mind. To attain this state…

Ms DeepExplorer: (interrupting, leaning against his body) You have to check my steaming-hot reservoir. 

Mr. Begging4Tomorrow: But it is a public place and sex is just the illusion, you have to cut through that and perceive The Truth, Isabella.

Ms DeepExplorer: Who said I won’t? (she bent down and gave a deep kiss to her sad zen-lover)


Someone is knocking on the door of the doctor’s office.

Mr FullyErected (from the darkness): It is closed, lovely. 

Mrs AggressiveMouth: (too agressive): He is just hiding from me. And I have a very high fever! 

Mr FullyErected: I don’t know. Maybe. He left to Alaska.

Mrs AgressiveMouth (in schock): Whattt???? My husband is gone. My son is gone. My doctor, the last hope, is gone. My life is destroyed!!!! 

Mr FullyErected: (takes her hand, offering to find again those missing parts) Let me fullfil your  dreams and empty spaces.

Mrs AgressiveMouth is desperately crying, while trying to find the most fullest part of his promises. 


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