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Wisdom from Luke #7

Well – behaved women rarely make good girlfriends.   Beautiful girlfriend is a fool. Smart girlfriend is a danger. The image of hell? All your girlfriends in the kitchen cooking the meal for you.  And the last one from Charles Bukowski:  “you boys can keep your virgins give me hot old women in high heels with […]

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Pastor Luke

What had happen with me? Ahhh, a lot. All those half-naked, running around Victoria Secrets models, fighting for the place on my bed…it is really exhausting, believe me, dudes! So after one more BigBed-Daily-Marathon I said: ENOUGH, LADIES!  It is too many of you, we have to organise ourselves! Some of the girls shouted: ‘non-profit organisation […]

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The causes of fever (18+)

Do not forget to smile! Heroes: Doctor – Mr GiveMeABreak Concierge – Mr FullyErected Gardener – Mr SwollenEnough Wife – Mrs AggressiveMouth Step-son – Joe GrabIt Husband – Mr Begging4Tomorrow Young model – Ms DeepExplorer  Monday. 11am  The Office of the Doctor.  Mrs AgressiveMouth: It’s all the fever, Doctor. Some mild diseases produce very high […]

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