Bartender Luke

Inspired by the novel “Since we fell”, Dennis Lehane

She tapped the ash of her cigarette:
“So what’s your story?” 


“Luke Land Whiskeyson Copyright.
That’s my full name.

You can tell me anything, girl,
I won’t judge.

One more marriage went tits-up?
Lost the job?
The last guy you banged turned into asshole?
The whole fuckin’ world went to shit around you?
Come here, babe, sit in front of me, 
Luke Land Whiskeyson Copyright.
I’ll serve you a drink,
Or two,
Or many…”

“Sounds like an amazing guy,” – the lips added, overexcited. 

“Nope. I am a dickhead, most of the days.
But I’m a great bartender,
And girls loves my Loop-Land-Willy.”

After the pause Luke added:
“And a lot of people were better off for knowing me.”

“I didn’t mean to suggest otherwise.”

“But you did.”

“Did I? Hm. I’m sorry,” – she fumbled in her purse and came back with one more cigarette. 

“Honey, your sorry doesn’t mean shit to me. 
Unless it is blowing my Son Of Whiskey 3 hours non-stop.”

“Woulda be nice to know Him first, Luke,” – she exhaled and followed the smoke with her gaze. 


“We don’t get what we want, just what we can handle…” – and Luke coughed into his fist. He wanted to be left alone. As well as his hard-working willy.

Next post – “Wisdom from Luke” 



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