Beach Body 2018

There’re 3 ways to get a Bikini Body Fast! Really fast!

For the guys:

The spring is here, and that means the summer is on the way!
‘The summer’ means => the days on the beach => checking out the hottest girls of the district, parading in a small pieces of clothes.

Fuck the imagination and use your eyes!


My only advice: Get ‘the enlargement’ and eat damn protein! Thats all you need if you’ve got a fat credit card to show…


For the girls:

The spring is the time to get active! I meant THAT active -> fast. sex. on. the. beach.

What you do (or don’t do) over the next month will determine whether you can dare to get that sex-action when the sun comes out to play on your summer vacay. Or not. Hm.

Don’t cry, babes!
Luke is here and that means – it is not yet too late!

Step 1. Tone your trouble zones

I’d advice to use the chocolate-boxes and a vanilla sugar.
How? Lift the boxes (5 kg each) of the chocolates DAILY. Start from 100 (for each hand).
Cover yourself in a vanilla-sugar. Why? Mmmm, just to make it more fun!


Step 2. Get Luke involved

Getting Luke involved in your fitness-regime gives you the motivation to never miss a workout ( #LukePromise). 
How? Through Luke’s bedroom-podcast-talk only. Send him your photo/video and he’ll tell you if he’s interested to help you with your problematic body-areas. 


Step 3. Never let some asshole tell you you’re not beautiful enough to have fun.

For beauty is in the eye…of ‘the blind’.
And you know what..? Luke agrees to play the blind one, if you’ll follow the step #2.


Next post – Wisdom From Luke 

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