The lesson of ‘Perfect Pitch’ from Luke Copyright

The year is 2018 and Luke Copyright captivates audiences in his hometown WP with his skills on the “knowing the women” and various sex-tricks/life hacks. That means Luke can look at your body with his closed eyes and tell everything about you: what did you eat for the breakfast and why the last one night stand ended up without any “stand”.

Luke knows!


The technical term for that mysterious gift is “absolute pitch”, and it is exceptionally rare – only about 1 in every 10,000 people has it.

For example, Mozart had it, Igor Stravinsky did not; Frank Sinatra had it, Miles Davis did not. I’m talking now about their ability or skill to hear a note played on a musical instrument (any note!) and immediately identify which note it was.

So did the seven year old Mozart have a gift for perfect pitch?
Everything that scientists have learned about perfect pitch says NO.
And Luke Copyright is going to agree with them.


Because with the right sort of training everybody can develop a capability that seems quite magical to those of us who do not possess it…

The magic is right here -> practice!


In short, perfect pitch is not the gift, but the ability to develop perfect pitch is the gift, because you have to practice REALLY HARD to achieve the level you want. The scientists says the best time to start is before the age of 6, 12 or 18. But Luke Copyright is 95+ and he’s telling you:

Fuck that bullshit! You can start any day.
Just choose the right type of the “object”:


Here’s a very interesting story for you (a real one):

Ray Allen, a ten-time All-Star in the National Basketball Association and the greatest three-point shooter in the history of that league have been asked once if he was born with a shooting touch-gift (an innate gift for three-pointers). Allen did not agree. He said:

“When people say God Bless me with a beautiful jump shot, it really pisses me off. I tell those people, “Don’t undermine the work I’ve put in every day. Not some days. Every day. Ask anyone who has been on a team with me who shoots the most. Go back to Seattle and ask them. The answer is – me.”

And if you talk to Allen’s high school basketball coach you will find that Allen’s jump shoot was NOT noticeably better than his teams jump-shots back then, in fact it was poor. But Allen took control, and over time, with hard work and dedication, he transformed his jump shot into one so grateful and natural that people assumed he was born with it.

The conclusion: HARD WORK and DEDICATION!
Want to know the women?
Wanna have the magic wand/’stand’/fingers/moves?
Start practicing today!
Bless you!
Luke Copyright/


I’ve used the introduction of the book “Peak” by Anders Ericsson/Robert Pool for this post.

Next post – Wisdom from Luke

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