Luke against Transhumanism

Do you remember my Melinda (or Linda), the love of my life, my future-to-be-wife with a very ‘advanced’ lips (and other parts of the body) that could give you the most desirable pleasure just by looking at them?


My lovely Melinda has a cat, Bobby. A lovely soft fluffy creature. But 2 months ago she decided to transform him, to give ‘another’ life: more rich and more fun. What could be more fun than your ‘big heart’ on the sun, I’ve told her…


After one sun-session or two I’ve finally agreed: Ok, let’s make Bobby more intelligent, more beautiful and more happy! Bring the beer!

But she told me her friend belongs to a ‘transhumanism-group’ and he can do all changes permanently. ‘Really???’

Transhumanists believe that we should use advanced technologies (as pharmacology, genetic engineering, cybernetics and nanotechnology) to radically enhance human beings. Imagine the future world populated by a new species of humans who looks only like this:



Of course I had my doubts at the beginning of the project. I’ve told her: Girl, all the stem cell technology in the world won’t help you when a piano falls 3 stories and lands on your face. But she’ve turned around and shoved the most futuristic part of the body right to my nose. And I said, ok…I’m all in. 


First we did:

enlarged Bobby’s brain to the size of a human brain and some way it is also provided the language support-function.
the mouth of little Bobby-cat have been modified to allow speak freely. I’ve told to my lady, thats a coolest cat I even seen (mostly just to get one more blow job), but all my dreams stopped to evolve when I’ve heard Bobby saying he’d like to get a penis – enlargement and modify his front paws. Hm. 

As a result we’ve got a cat with a big erected “thumb”, who could type on a keyboard, talk, smile, walk around the house…

My sweet Melinda also developed new linguistics, and started attend a school with her cat. “You’ve got a nice tits and a butt! You are a model!” – I’ve told her. – “Do you really need a school for that??”

She told me that her old life seems so pointless now and she’ve found a bigger purpose. I stick to the word “bigger”, because I saw her right in front of me…oh (holding the hand of our transformed Bobby-cat).


Should I mention that Bobby is sleeping with her in our bed and I’m sniffing lamp-posts outside of the house?

She have changed cat so much that when I met them yesterday I didn’t recognize him. He said to me: “Transhumanism lead to the creation of geniuses” but I’m sure it wasn’t a compliment to my nose or IQ.

So here it is, the photo of the Bobby after transformation:


Transhumanism does not answer human concerns and desires, but involves the creation of beings with non-human desires and concerns. Or simply non-humans?

Next post – Wisdom From Luke 

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