Wisdom from Luke #3

#3 Always agree with the woman. Dispute not with her: she is a lunatic.

Yes, I know, buddy, the world is teaching us to disagree with the women and to show who’s the Boss. And I’m totally agree with the Boss-thing, but here is a better strategy and it works every time to get a hot chick like this:



Learn via conversation:

You: Heyyyyy what’s up. Do you like my tattoo? (do not forget to show your healthy teeth. It’s important!)
She: No.

What she really mean: Yes. And to be honest I love the skin under your tattoo and the man wearing that tattoo. Especially – the man.

You: Yeah…so what’s your name?
She: Name.
You: Your name is ‘Name’? Are you kidding?
She: Blame my parents, I wish I had no name as easy as the Name, but I’ve got it when I was born.

What she really mean: Stop your stupid questions and just take me!

Laugh here. A lot.
You: I love your name, Ms. Name. Let me introduce myself… (and tell her the story of your life. The more details – the better!)

Done. The conversation above is a key to her bedroom:



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