The best present for a Valentine’s Day!

Do you want to invest in something powerful? Invest in Nada. Your woman will appreciate it, to the fullest.

Let me explain “HOW”!

You may be surprised—or relieved—to know that women have innate wealth-building-in-the-brain-instincts, especially when it comes to us, men. In fact, women’s ability to check your wallet before she meet you helps them to live longer and stay happier. Because they hope that wallet will belong to them one day too! Do not ruin those dreams before 14th of February! Show the wallet often!


14 February is here:

Rule: Give her a “Nada-gift” only after the full show on the bed! Never before! Giving a Nada before the bed will be a total catastrophe!

Remember: Being too lazy in the bed on the Valentines Day is not wise!

Best Nada-environment: Save your wallet and bring her to the room filled with the huge white sheet, right on the floor, and the music. It’s free. Make her move…closer…closer to that sheet! Undress and jump in! 


What? She wanna chocolate? Tell her the last statistics about the sugar and go ahead, show her your fkn teeth.
What? She wanna ‘gold and diamonds’? Show her who the real friends are! 


Sometimes women are totally unaware how ‘the real’ looks like. My advice – drop your EVERYTHING and let the gold of the reality re-unite with your beloved one. Show That Tarzan of her dreams!
Hm, doesn’t look like a Tarzan? Take a risk! Be smart and start a Valentine’s Nada-Session after 10pm. Use blindfolds – women love it! 5 thousands shades of you in 1 night!


Stick to your plan no matter what – unless you have a good reason to make changes. When you’ve made all possible NADA’s more than 17 times – sit back and enjoy the rest of the year.

Here’s your well deserved whiskey, dude!


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