Wisdom from Luke #2

#2 Personality – first, boobs – later!

That’s a tricky wisdom, my friend. Of course you have to read it backwards “Boobs- first, personality – ah, can’t hear you, what did you say?” 

How to make it happen more quickly? Yes, time is a money and most of us would like to jump to the boob-action at once. We are smart enough to check her personality in-between-the-process, right?

First of all if she looks like this…- it is probably a really BAD decision. But I know what your mind are telling you when you see my girl – “Get the f@ck over here!”


Step 1: Show her you are falling for her amazing mind, personality, soul and compassionate heart. Never argue and do not ask stupid questions like “What do you want for a Valentine, darling?” She don’t know. But she can go mad if she don’t get that thing, called “I don’t know” and at the end it’s going to be only your fault because you fkn asked!

Just do it my way: get her a t-shirt. White. Encourage her to wear it. Tell her that over 68 millions of women starving without sex every year, and you’ve bought it to show the awareness. So when she’ll wear that t-shirt she’ll remember to appreciate what she’ve got. You can always attach to a t-shirt a list of the acrobatic movements you’d like to try during this year. 


Step 2. You know you are lying. She knows you are lying. But, bro…do not stop. Continue!

You: “Hi, Darlene..”
She: “Who is Darlene?”

You: “Excatly…bye, bitch!”

Step 3. Believe! If it doesn’t work the first time – try again! God works in a mysterious ways, bro. My advice to get her a new version of the Bible (on the first date): “Let a man learn quietly about your personality. Show him your boobs to exercise your authority over a man and remain quiet if he like what he sees. Submissiveness is the way to make your man a happy one. A happy man is a pocket full of wonders.” 1 Timothy 2:11-12

P.S. If she doesnt want a pocket full of wonders…man, move on! there’re 68 millions of starving chicks waiting you out there!

 So don’t forget: Check her boobs first, and personality will follow!

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