Wisdom from Luke #1

The secret of life is to fall on the right kind of the bed with a right kind of a woman. #LukeCopyright 


“How does she look like, the right kind of the woman?” – you’ll ask me with a puzzled frown. Here is the drawing…aha! I see the disappointment in your eyes. Ok, let’s be serious for a second! 

(Image Vadim Rusu)

Quality 1. She makes you feel a “Super Man” (ON/OUT of the bed)

You don’t have to be “ON” all the time – the right kind of woman will scream anyway! “Screaming women” is like a lullaby to us. While she is screaming you’re able to just be yourself: take a nap or a shower, check the news, like #WisdomFromLuke posts, drink half of the bottle of whiskey/no ice added, go to a party…
You feel comfortable, that’s the point. She’s seen the good, the bad, the hungover, the lovers, she probably even screamed with them (in unison) … but she still loves you.


Quality 2. She is a good listener.

The right kind of woman should listen to you, and I mean REALLY listen! She should pay attention to what you are saying and take notes in her old puffy notebook. A woman who truly wanna be happy will care about what you have to tell, buddy. Yes, even if you are kissing the toilet in a slow motion – still there’re some truly important messages might be declared or written down.


Quality 3. She fits into your life.

Doesn’t matter WHERE you’ll place her in your house – she just fits there!

Quality 4. The Bed.

If she appreciates you -> she’ll buy you a new one. If she is the right kind of ‘chick’ – she’ll be willing to do anything. Thats how the right women ARE.


Quality 5. Now…the look.

The most important quality! No look -> no conversation -> no bed -> no balanced life…do I have to continue?

Here’s the example. DO NOT settle for less!


Puzzled for daily prompt 

Next post on Monday, check page About Luke Copyright for schedule. 

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