The National Day Of Luke Copyright’s Blog – 1 February

1 of February – the day you will remember, because from now on it will be, pam-para-raaaam… The National Day Of Luke Copyright.
After a year of the fighting with a female demons I’ve finally got my own space to satisfy any fantasy or needs of my mind and body.

If you don’t know a shit about me – go to RayNotBradbury Blog and check how I was created and my previous adventures ( category “lukecopyright”). At the end of this, mostly informational, post I’ll attach 2 first stories about me. 

This blog is very simple to navigate. The Room is a Home page, where you’ll find all my posts.
The “About Luke Copyright” page is for those who are doubting me, my positive power, my ideology and my light!
The “CSSA” is a page created for the plays. Yes, Luke Copyright will personally re-read and edit each of them. Yes he’s expecting the plays about love. Or erotic. Or war. On the bed.
The page “Wisdom from Luke” are Lukes own beliefs, plans, quotes, affirmations and I’m planning to post 1 Wisdom-post a week.

I’m creating a tag as well – #lukecopyright

There will be 3 main categories on the page:

About the header and the tag-line. Because there’s NO person on this Earth more shiny and more positive than me – I’ve chosen to introduce myself by telling the truth straight to your face, fellas! Every theory of love, from Plato down teaches that each individual loves in the other sex what he lacks in himself. My new theory is – I love myself in each of you!
Or maybe I’m going to cut off “each of you” and leave the most beautiful part “I love MYSELF!” 

I’ll post min 3 – max 4 times a week: 
1. a usual Luke post
2. Wisdom from Luke (from 111 to 555 words)
3. CSSA plays
4. A drawing from Lukes life (sometimes)

Oh, and of course…follow my blog. And tell your friends to follow as well! Here’s my recent photo! Love me and I’ll love you right back! 

The posts to check: Number One and Number Two

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